Keeping one of the UK’s busiest delivery businesses secure

Palmer & Harvey’s 14 sites carry out 6,000 UK deliveries every day, and they need ESSA’s help to watch traffic constantly arriving at and leaving their busy depots.

Palmer & Harvey is the UK’s biggest wholesale delivery business, with a fleet of over 1,000 vehicles run from 14 depots nationwide making around 6,000 deliveries every day. They store, manage and transport huge quantities and goods for local retail brands and outlets across the UK – but with deliveries and departures constantly taking place, keeping those 14 sites secure is a serious challenge.

Palmer & Harvey decided it wanted to manage its own remote monitoring, in its own control room, rather than outsourcing it.

We carried out a complete control room fit-out and installed our own systems to monitor remote CCTV and ANPR cameras in the business’s depots.

Staff both in the control room and in the different depots can now assess the status of every vehicle that comes or goes, flag up any suspicious vehicles or activity, and keep a record of all movements in and out.