Control the risks at your retail centre

Managing thousands of visitors every day represents a major challenge for retails centres, and a significant risk. An advanced number plate recognition system will give you much greater control and visibility.

Cars parked in a retail park using ANPR

With an ESSA ANPR system you’ll know how many vehicles are on site and which of them are abusing the free parking you provide, whether it’s a member of staff taking up customer parking spaces or a vehicle exceeding the parking time limit.

You can free up your security staff from routine admin by automatically giving pre-booked goods vehicles access to service roads. And with a BOF compliant feed, you can tackle more serious security threats by denying access to any vehicle on a hot list.


C-PASS for retail can be used to identify:

  • Members of staff who wish to park closer than stipulated to their place of work, taking up customer car parking spaces.
  • Vehicles left for longer than the set time limit.
  • Persons leaving their vehicles to go to another place.

Vehicle data can be captured and used as evidence in order to combat these infringements.

More About Our ANPR Access Control Systems for Retail Parks

ANPR Software in Action

Extended management facilities allow the user to purge the stored ANPR data intelligently, enabling records to be stripped from the archive based on specific rules or timescales. The design and architecture of the system is highly modular, enabling it to be customised and tailored to suit specialist customer applications. The system benefits from complex analytic capabilities, that can be used in contexts ranging from helping to solve serious crime to providing statistical information on traffic movement.