Capture the vehicles and improve security

At a time of major international tensions and terrorist threat, it’s never been more important to watch and check every single vehicle that enters the UK. Whatever the light or weather conditions, you can rely on ESSA’s systems to capture and record the details.

Cars and commercial vehicles at ports of entry can be tracked using the C-PASS ANPR System

Our systems automatically allow authorised vehicles to proceed while instantly flagging up blacklisted ones, allowing you prevent access or highlight the vehicle’s presence to the relevant authorities.

At the same time, by knowing who has entered the port you’ll be able to improve security throughout the site.

Using the captured data from strategically situated cameras, C-PASS can:

  • Allow access to vehicles with registration plates that are authorised to proceed.
  • Flag up blacklisted vehicles.
  • Aid in preventing access to unauthorised vehicles.
  • Improve port security.

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