Equip your highways, cars and officers to capture vehicle details

From our origins working with the security industry, ESSA has developed strong relationships with a number of police forces. Our systems are used to monitor traffic across entire regions as well as to equip patrol officers with their own ANPR system running on their phones.

Our system will enable you to identify which vehicles are exceeding their stay and flag up vehicles which have offended in the past.

Our market-leading ANPR systems have the capacity to monitor thousands of road lanes simultaneously in a single system, and receive, process and store millions of number plate details – along with the associated vehicle snapshots and motion video clips.

We can even provide your officers’ mobile phones with an app that allows them to capture vehicle details and plug those straight into your database, giving vital on the spot information instantly.

These sophisticated tools offer you an efficient, easy to use and exceptionally powerful way to manage traffic, police your region and enforce the law.


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