Advanced tools to capture vehicle details and enforce the law

At ESSA we built our reputation on our work with security companies, the police and local government. Today we offer the most sophisticated and powerful systems available to track traffic, run searches and generate live alerts.

While many consider ANPR technology to be synonymous with the “Big Brother is always watching” ethos, the truth is that these systems, which are capable of recognizing and tracking vehicles by the number plate, provide a layer of protection to the public that was previously unavailable.

ANPR Cameras and Software can detect the one illegal car among the 1000s of legitimate ones.

Reducing Car Tax Evasion and Uninsured Drivers

None of us like paying taxes or insurance – in reality, most of us consider them to be necessary evils. However, as much as we dislike paying for these “services”, most of us are even more unhappy when we see the injustice of others appearing to get away with not paying for them at all.

It is estimated that Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) evasion costs the taxpayer somewhere in the region of £40 million, and that more than 30% of drivers are uninsured. This represents both a serious loss of public revenue and a great deal of distress to insured drivers (the vast majority of us) who are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver.

Our ANPR software solutions track vehicles in real-time and cross-reference multiple databases to flag those that are being driven without tax, insurance or without a registered keeper.

The system will also flag cars reported as stolen, greatly assisting the authorities in returning them to their rightful owners.

We have the capacity to deliver and maintain large scale, high profile ANPR systems as well as to tailor our solutions to very specific needs, drawing on the strengths of our skilled software development team and core engineering division.

All our solutions meet National ANPR Standards for Policing (NASP) and UK Police standards for integration into any industry-standard back-office systems via our web services protocol.

Live Vehicle Tracking and Alerts

Being able to spot suspect vehicles in real time, simply due to an ANPR read on a number plate being matched to a flag in one of many civil databases, has obvious benefits for public safety and revenue protection.

Some of the ways our systems are used:

  • Capturing traffic lane violations.
  • Spotting trade waste being dumped at waste centres.
  • Managing millions of number plate hits a day on national road networks.
  • Capturing number plates from ANPR-equipped patrol cars.
  • Using mobile phones as ANPR devices.  

ANPR - A Vital Asset in Tackling Serious Crime

ANPR Cameras and Software can detect the one illegal car among the thousands of legitimate ones.

50% of all crimes involve a vehicle.

Our ANPR systems allow vehicles to be tagged as being involved in serious crimes, including arson, burglary and murder, in addition to suspect terrorist activities. Officers and other enforcement and security agencies can then use this data to track, and be alerted to, suspicious vehicle activity.