Tackle fuel station drive-offs

By recording every number plate on every vehicle that drives onto your forecourt, empowering yourself and other fuel stations to prevent thieves from succeeding.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition, or ANPR can help to reduce fuel theft at petrol stations

Fuel theft remains a serious national problem, but by recording every vehicle that leaves without paying and feeding it to your back office, you’ll slash the number of incidents. You can also immediately inform all your other fuel stations in the area.

As soon as a blacklisted vehicle arrives back on your site – or at any of your other fuel stations in the area – you’ll be alerted. If you have barrier control you can deny them access.

By recording the details on any vehicle entering or exiting the petrol station forecourt, C-PASS can aid in:

  • Local and national police apprehending criminals.
  • Alerting staff to previous non-paying offenders.
  • Recording the movement of vehicles used in other criminal activity.
  • If barriers are in place, controlling access to the forecourt.

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