More secure industrial estates

24 hour number plate monitoring gives you greatly increased security. You know which vehicles have visited your site and when, and if criminal activity takes place you have the information you need at your fingertips.

Installing C-PASS ANPR vehicle monitoring on industrial estates and business parks allows potential criminal activity and suspicious vehicles to be tracked and reported

An ESSA automated number plate recognition system can record every vehicle entering and leaving your site, even in reduced lighting conditions, poor weather or when vehicles are driving fast. If a theft does take place, you’ll have the number plate data recorded.


You’ll be able to create blacklists of any vehicles involved in criminal activity on the site, and have automatic alerts sent to on-site security if any vehicle comes back onto the site.

Instead of being helpless, you can act proactively to keep your clients’ premises more secure. 

High numbers of vehicles access industrial estates every day, so having the capability to monitor and control these activities can be extremely useful in:

  • Identifying vehicles staying for unusual periods of time. 
  • Establishing regular visitors to the estate.
  • Preventing suspicious activity or 'black-listed' vehicles entering the area.

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