Monitoring millions of vehicles daily for Sussex police and Gatwick Airport

ESSA delivered a region-wide ANPR system with the capacity to monitor over 160 lanes of traffic and nearly half a billion vehicle hits annually.

Sussex Police have a local population of 1.5 million to look after and are responsible for 30 million people who travel through Gatwick Airport each year. They needed a way of monitoring and tracking hundreds of roads and millions of vehicles across the county, while also closely monitoring traffic activity in the highly sensitive airport with its critical security needs.

ESSA delivered a solution that could cope with the vast amounts of data generated each day by hundreds of ANPR cameras.

The capability to handle more than 1.2 million number plate hits per day through its robust ANPR systems provides compelling assurance of ESSA's ability to provide and maintain large-scale, high-profile ANPR solutions.

The comprehensive high capacity back office system we installed at the Sussex Police site now handles data from more than 160 lanes of traffic. This is in addition to servicing Gatwick Airport and managing its more than 1.2 million number plate hits per day, or approximately 438 million vehicle hits per year.

The project demonstrates ESSA’s ability to cope with very large-scale ANPR projects and successfully manage the huge outputs of data generated from such systems.