Recognise, control and welcome vehicles on your site

ESSA’s sophisticated approach to number plate recognition technology offers new opportunities to improve security and impress your customers.

Our software is the most flexible and powerful system available for controlling vehicle access. With a simple, intuitive interface at your fingertips, you can track and audit every vehicle arriving at and moving around your site.

Some of the applications of our ANPR systems include:

  • Impressing customers with a bespoke welcome or sales message
  • Sending tailored customer messages via display screens
  • Offering staff and visitors web-based parking booking systems
  • Managing access and usage of roads, car parks and bays.
  • Identifying and denying access to blacklisted vehicles.
  • Reducing fraud and theft.

The possibilities are enormous. By developing new users for this remarkable technology, we help pioneering businesses postition themselves far ahead of their competitors.


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