Catch the toll fraudsters

ESSA’s systems can grab instant information at toll points and interface it to tolling systems, making it simple to check that the right TAG card is being used and the correct payment has been made – helping to smooth and accelerate traffic flow.

Toll Bridges, such as the Severn Crossing in the UK, can utilise ANPR to track vehicle movements and manage toll billing

It’s a common scam: lorry or van drivers drop only enough change into a coin bin to pay for a car, or use a TAG card issued for a smaller (and cheaper) vehicle. But ANPR technology can identify the type of vehicle, put this together with the payment information, and inform you in real time if someone is attempting to defraud you.

If the wrong card is used, or too little money has been paid, you can keep the barrier down. You can also use the system to identify previous offenders or simply to track the vehicles passing through your toll points.  

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