A smarter car park service

An ESSA number plate recognition system makes car parks not just safer but more efficient and user-friendly. Our more advanced options include web-based booking systems and graphical representations of data such as average length of stay.

Our system will enable you to identify which vehicles are exceeding their stay and flag up vehicles which have offended in the past.

An ANPR access control system in operation at a car park

You can improve the flow of traffic into large retail sites by giving automated access to pre-booked delivery vehicles, and be instantly aware when blacklisted vehicles arrive.

In a business car park, members of staff and visitors who are on approved lists are automatically given access. You can also offer staff and guests an online booking system, allowing them to book places in advance, thus reducing your admin costs. You’ll know which members of staff are on site at particular times, making it easier to contact and locate them.

You can also view statistical information about car park usage, represented graphically on screen or outputted into spreadsheets.

More About Our ANPR Access Control Systems for Car Parks