The most powerful site management and access control system available

C-PASS is the market-leading ANPR system, with cutting edge character recognition software and the ability to create and interact with databases to give instant, real time responses and alerts.

anpr mobile c-pass fitted police car

C-PASS is exceptionally powerful but easy to use, with an intuitive and highly visual interface. As well as building databases of vehicles and visitors to generate an audit trail of movements around your site, you can also connect C-PASS to other databases – and that’s where its real power becomes apparent.

The system can interface with staff records, customer databases, online booking systems and CRM systems, which means you can instantly recognise and welcome a customer, or allow staff and guests to book parking spaces via a website. You can get live alerts when flagged vehicles arrive at your site, and the system can tell you how many vehicles are on site and how many spaces are still available. The commercial possibilities C-PASS offers are huge.

C-PASS - advanced government and commercial ANPR

  • Incorporates cutting edge optical character recognition engine.
  • Stand-alone PC-based solution or networked solution remotely accessible via a web browser.
  • Up to 4 live video feeds per ANPR processor (a PC with video grabber card) – analogue or IP camera inputs. Up to 3 colour overview video feeds per ANPR processor.
  • Powerful database search facilities including partial and wildcard searches.
  • Configurable alerts can be sent to variable message signs or by SMS, email, pager and audible/visual signal.


C-PASS Mobile – for hand-held and vehicle use

C-PASS Mobile is portable version specifically designed to run on a mobile phone or other device for hand-held use. It provides live ANPR capture and alerting and synchronises with ESSA’s Backoffice system.

  • Can operate stand-alone or via 3G or 4G.
  • Tailored user alerts provide targeted ANPR data relevant to the operational requirements.
  • Stopped vehicle status can be logged using mobile device’s keyboard
  • Incoming alerts can be filtered against VRM, time and date, lane/camera, GPS location, hotlist/white list entry.
  • Full audit trail of operator’s actions.
  • Video tagging identifies videos for evidence purposes. 

C-PASS ANPR in Action

Watch our video showcasing just a few common C-PASS applications and see where ANPR technology could benefit your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The C-PASS recognition engine works by continually looking for a number plate, either rectangular or square.

    Once a plate is found, the system determines each character on it; even if the recognition engine isn’t triggered, it continually looks for plates.

    We are always working on improving our ANPR engine. A new version now detects characters even if a plate cannot be identified. This improves the recognition of white plates on white cars/bumpers where an edge of a plate cannot be identified.

  • A PC including a frame grabber and ANPR Camera(s), a relay card if you are controlling barriers / external devices and an optional sound card and speakers.

  • Yes, up to 3 overview cameras can be set up per lane.

  • Yes, this has been done in many town centres. We have also integrated to matrix systems to allow us to determine pre-set positions of cameras when 1 camera may have a number of ANPR pre-set positions.

  • C-PASS has a very high accuracy figure and outputs one plate per vehicle. Some other ANPR engines output several alternatives if they can not make a decision on a plate. We would expect to read 99% or above of all legal and undamaged plates (e.g. plates not covered in mud or with screws positioned to change the look of a character).

  • Yes, one barrier per lane can be controlled.

  • Yes, it can trigger a relay to a wide variety of external devices, including LED Signs, Traffic Lights and Gates. We can also output SMS messages to mobile phones on various alarm conditions.

  • It can read number plates from 30 metres away.

  • Yes, up to 30° of skew and rotation, so cameras can be positioned at the side of a road.

  • The number of cameras per frame grabber determines the number of frames per second (FPS) of recognition. We have never missed a vehicle due to speed and have had reports of 165kph recorded. Theoretically, with the correct set-up you would have to travel at more than 400mph for C-PASS not to read your plate!

  • As much data as you like can be stored and for the period you require. The size is only restricted by the hard disk drive you use. If an ANPR camera image, plate patch and record data are stored to disk, then approximately 1 million records could be stored on a 10GB hard disk.

  • Yes. Infra-Red cameras like the ESSACAM 1000 Range must be used for 24-hour surveillance, or monochrome / colour cameras if operating in a fully-lit area.

  • This figure is dependent on the speed of traffic and the number of cameras input into a single frame grabber. On average each plate is read 10 to 15 times and the most frequent is considered to be the most accurate.

  • Yes, most formats of database can be imported into our software, including PNC and local authority databases. We can monitor up to 65 different databases at any one time. Databases are automatically checked via the C-PASS software for updates, so reloading isn’t necessary. Databases can also be enabled / disabled as and when required.

  • Yes, your databases can be searched and the ‘history file’ can be searched including the use of wildcards, dates, times, full and part plates, database fields etc.

  • Yes, although as standard the software does not require triggering to read number plates.

  • If using Coaxial cable, cameras can be up to 250m away from the PC, up to 1.5km using NVT and further distances using fibre optic cable. We are also able to support ONVIF compliant IP cameras.

  • Yes, C-PASS can read both rectangular and square plates.

  • Yes, syntax checking is currently implemented for worldwide deployment.

  • Up to 6 lanes per PC can be set up.

  • Yes, one to many, many to one, etc. Our C-PASS Server software allows ANPR Readers to be linked together providing a web-based portal for access to the same user experience as standard C-PASS.

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