Automatically track bus lane violations

Our TrafficStream solution captures both the number plate and a colour snapshot of the vehicle, providing everything you need to prosecute.

The system can also be used to monitor bus gates and yellow box junctions, improving bus journey times and reducing pollution.

The TrafficStream ANPR System monitors unattended bus lanes and other dedicated traffic lanes for intentional misuse by other motorists

The system uses ANPR cameras to automatically compare the number plate data with pre-stored white lists of permitted vehicles. If an offence appears to have been committed, TrafficStream generates an encrypted evidence pack.

The camera units use a wireless, encrypted system to exchange data. They are remotely monitored to check they’re operating properly, and can be given remote maintenance.

Benefits of ANPR-Driven Lane Enforcement

  • Fully automated.
  • Reduces cost overheads of staff.
  • Can enforce moving traffic offences using the built-in analytic software & hardware.
  • Speeds up bus transit times.
  • Potential improvements in safety for legitimate lane users such as cyclists, by reducing traffic lane abusers.
  • Systems operate with total cost neutrality to the overseeing authority.
  • Improves carbon reduction schemes.

Deployment of Bus Lane Enforcement Cameras

The ESSA TrafficStream camera and processor unit can be easily deployed and re-deployed on existing street furniture. AC supplies can be connected from existing lighting columns, or similar and typical connectivity via 3G can be online in a matter of minutes. This makes the TrafficStream enforcement unit extremely versatile.

Features & Applications

  • Automated contravention detection.
  • Applications include: Bus Lanes, Bus gates, Dedicated bus traffic lights, No entry turnings, One way streets.
  • Standard search features associated with ANPR.
  • VCA compliant.
  • Ability to integrate moving traffic offences using Video Content Analysis.
  • Integrated with major back office providers.
  • Secure communications.


ANPR Camera Unit

  • Detection Range: 5-50m.
  • Capture Camera with infra red illuminators - Colour Overview Camera.
  • Power consumption 25W.

Processor Unit

  • Operating Temperatures certified to: -10 to +40 degrees.
  • Communications: 3G modem with LAN, ADSL, DSL.

TrafficStream Camera - Physical Characteristics

  • Height 560mm.
  • Width 280mm.
  • Depth 130mm.
  • Weight 8.5kg.

TrafficStream Processor - Physical Characteristics

  • Height 163mm.
  • Width 163mm.
  • Depth 114mm.
  • Weight 2.75kg .

ANPR Software in Action

Extended management facilities allow the user to purge the stored ANPR data intelligently, enabling records to be stripped from the archive based on specific rules or timescales. The design and architecture of the system is highly modular, enabling it to be customised and tailored to suit specialist customer applications. The system benefits from complex analytic capabilities, that can be used in contexts ranging from helping to solve serious crime to providing statistical information on traffic movement.