Innovative experts using number plate data to transform security and customer service

We have long been a trusted partner to government and security agencies, with a track record of developing cutting edge number plate recognition applications. Today we also offer businesses greater insights into the traffic visiting their premises and provide exciting new ways to improve their customer experience.

ESSA was founded more than 30 years ago by its current directors and owners. For many years we’ve worked with the police, government agencies and the security industry to find new and powerful ways to use number plate data.

Today we apply the skills and insights we’ve gained to serve our business clients.

We focus on the software – finding smart new ways to interface real time vehicle information with our clients’ own data and goals. The results open up a whole range of important possibilities.

From eliminating fraud and theft to delivering a whole new level of personalised welcome for your customers, our mission is to discover what more can be achieved with the ever increasing amounts of vehicle information available.

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More than 30 years experience in the security industry

We have always maintained our core values and continued to develop different hardware and software product sets to enable us to bridge market gaps, to meet, deliver and exceed quality metrics laid down within the industry.

Over more than 30 years of security industry experience, we have always strived to develop our solutions to meet the demands of the security market.